Hi thanks for visiting my blog. I'm Manique. I am a girl just trying to find her way and figure out life as it comes. I currently live in the Washington, DC area and I am a  landscape architecture student. I love to draw, paint, look at hair tutorials and catch up on shows in my spare time. Posh Mode Ave. is a blog I started just to express my style and to be a creative outlet but this blog has become much more than that over the years. This is a space where I share all of my life and personal experiences so hopefully it can help or inspire someone else. Here at Posh Mode Ave you will find fashion, trends, beauty, DIY, blogging tips and advice and stories about my journey to adulting. 

Getting to Know Me 

My Favs/Obsessions:

Anything Pink, Cute Notebooks, Any Kind of Tea, Brick Oven Pizza,  A good handbag, Any Flat shoes,  cute office supplies, Mascara, lemon, combat boots,  hand  wipes, roller coasters, 

My Not so Favs:

Cucumbers, Candy, Germs, really High heels, cantaloupe, Public Transportation, nasty attitudes, Winter, Traffic, oysters, All Bugs, pumpkin pie.

2016-03-09 09.43.50 1.jpg

Favorite Place In DC:

United States Botanic Garden

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One thing that always makes me feel better:

Ice cream! Specifically a banana split!! 

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My Favorite Shoes :




Favorite Clothing Item: 

A Graphic Tee!