Benefits of Journaling


Recently I started journaling. Journaling can be different for many people, it could mean writing, drawing, and saving memories. I use my journal to express myself through art. My art journal is something really enjoy having. It helps me escape my busy life and helps with my stress and anxiety levels. If you are looking for something to help with either or are on the fence about journaling here are some for the amazing benefits to journaling.

Mindfulness - Journaling makes you go into a mindful state. When you are journaling you are not thinking about other things like how much homework you have or all the things you have to do tomorrow. You are just in the moment. 

Sparks Creativity - When I am having creative block I like to draw. It makes me not think about things so much. I am able to better think and clear my mind and comeback better and ready to brainstorm new ideas.

Reduces Stress - Since I am able to clarify my thoughts and focus on one thing instead of a million things like I normally do , I am able to reduce stress. I have a lot of things on my plate like most people. I have to work, go to school, blog, make YouTube content, and find time to just live life. All of these things can become overwhelming. So doing something that is not actually on my to do list or a task is refreshing. 

Other Benefits

  • Solve problems more effectively 
  • Cope with Depression  
  • Clarify thoughts and feelings


January Mood Board | 2018

jan. Mood board.png

Hey you guys I hope that everyone if having an amazing year so far and your goals are going well. This is my birthday month I will turning 23! Time has been going by so fast I feel like I just graduated high school. When a new year starts for me I reflect on the past year but because my birthday is also in January I reflect on my whole life and see how far I have came, it pretty awesome. I already shared my 2018 Goals , so for this mood board I wanted to just talk about my specific goals for January. 

January Goals

Post my first YouTube video - I am starting a channel to get me out of my shell a bit and challenge myself to try new things. I will focus on fashion, lifestyle stuff, challenges, a little beauty, and maybe even vlogging. I hope this will show my personality a little bit better as well. 

Enjoy my Birthday - My birthday is on the 19th and I just want to really enjoy my birthday as much as possible. For me just going out to eat and going shopping is a good enough birthday for me. Since my birthday is in January it is the coldest month of the year in DC so there is not much I can do but along as I don't get snowed in I will be fine. (BTW this has happen in the past!) 

Get mentally prepared for school - I have been on winter break since Dec. 15th and I don't go back until the end of the month (which is a pretty awesome break). But I just want to get back into the groove of waking up earlier and commuting back and forth. 

Get my new Laptop - I NEED A NEW LAPTOP!!! I have had the same laptop since 2012 and it is so slow and I never use it, I just use my desktop but because I want to blog more often and now edit my YouTube videos on the go especially when I have free time between my classes, I want to take advantage of that time. So I want something light weight and fast.  

That's it for my January goals what goals are you working on in january? 

2018 Goals

20171221573538488-01 (1).jpeg

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Since it's a new year I thought I would share my 2018 goals. I don't have as many goals as last year. This year I just wanted to pick my top goals and focus really hard on those than having a whole list of goals that I probably won't be able to accomplish all of them. 

Stay Consistent - This was one of my goals for last year and I didn't accomplish this goals so it has made it at the top of my 2018 goals. By staying consistent I mean consistently posting blog post, social media post, working out, drink water. Everything I would like to be consistent at and make it a routine. 

Start my YouTube Channel - So I already have a blog but I want to see how I like making video content. This is something I am excited about because sometimes you have ideas for content but you think it would be better as video content rather than  written content. Plus this is a way for me to step out of my comfort zone. 

Healthier Lifestyle  - I would like to be the best version of myself this year and to do that I need to have a healthier lifestyle so that means eating my fruits and veggies, drinking water, working out, getting enough sleep, etc. If I do all of those things than it will help me be the best version of myself. 

Be more adventurous and social  - Being more adventurous and getting out of my shell is something I struggle with. This year I would like to make new friends, try and learn new things and get out of my usual routine.

Budget better   - This was a goals of mines last year and I did do better at budgeting and spending especially when it comes to clothing but this goal made it on my 2018 list because I think I can do better at budgeting. I would like to save up enough money this year to buy a house next year so I would like to be a bit more strict on what I spend money on. 

Give everything 110% - My last and final goal for this year is to just give everything that I am doing 110%. This applies to school, blogging, YouTube, working out, and anything else. I want to give everything my all. This is something that I did this past semester in school and I have to say I liked the results I got. 

So that’s  all of my goals for 2018! I hope that everyone has a great year and accomplishes every goal they set.

What are your 2018 Goals ?  

2017 Reflection

2017-01-22 12.21.50 2.jpg

Man where did this year go! I feel like it was just January and I was celebrating my birthday and now my birthday is coming up again! At the end of the year like most people, I like to reflect on the year. Although this year was rough for so many reasons I have to say it was a good year for me. The year started out on a rocky start but I have to say that I feel like I have grown so much since this time last year. I have learn how to deal with stress better which was one of my biggest goals I wanted to accomplish. I let go of the job that was about to make me have a nervous breakdown. I realigned my focus back on college and it showed in my grades! This year I realized exactly what I want for my life and how I want to achieve that. Sometimes when your in college and your are close to graduating you get a sense of what comes next and that is something that I thought long and hard about this year. And I have to say I have a pretty good picture of where I would like to see myself in the next 5 years and even in the next 2 years, and that’s exciting. Looking at the goals that I set for myself this year I think that I did really well on my personal goals but could have done a lot better on my blog goals. Let’s review.

Blog Goals

Stay Consistent - With school this is the hardest thing for me. I wish I would have done better with this but that ok it’s at the top of my goals for 2018.

Keep up with Social Media / Increase following  - I think this is something I actually did good at. This year I learned a lot about social media specifically Instagram, so I can’t wait to use what I learned this year to grow my following next year.

Try new post and revamp old series - I feel like I could have gotten out of my comfort zone more.

Promote and Network - I did promote my blog a lot more but as far as the networking I would really like to get better at this. I am a homebody so being social is not my cup of tea but I would like to be more social in the new year.


Personal Goals

Take more pictures - Totally did that!

Deal with stress better/ Be more mindful- Mastered!

Learn new things / Be more creative - Creative Juices are always flowing now!

Get better at budgeting - I have gotten a lot better about how I spend my money especially when it come to clothing but could be more strict.

Read more - Still need to work on!

Read my bible more-  Still need to work on!

Work harder in school- I worked my butt off this past semester.

Grow out my hair - My hair is healthier but I would like it to be longer.

Yeah so overall I think I did a good job on my goals for 2017. I am very excited for next year! 2018 is the year of hustle for me. I am going to be twice as hard on myself and give everything I am doing 110%. That includes my blog, my school work, my lifestyle, social media, and a little something else I am thinking about doing (I will be announcing this when I decide). 

How was 2017 for you?

Life Mantras to Live By in 2017

Each year I try to pick new mantras to live by that will inspire me throughout the year. So I finally got around to doing it and here are the mantras that will keep me motivated. 

Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination. - William Long Good

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. - Eleanor Roosevelt

The most effective way to do it is to do it. - Amelia Earhart

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, But by the moments that takes our breath away. - Maya Angelou

I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all. - Coco Channel

I never dreamed about success. I worked for it. - Estee Lauder


  What are your mantras for the year?  x Manique



February Goals | 2017

Cant believe it's February already, but I'm not complaining because it one month closer to spring. I have been going really well with the goals that I set for myself this year. January I really tried to stay on track and I am really proud of myself, now February is where the real challenge begins because now I am back in school and normally when I am in school I get super busy. Trying to juggle blogging, school, studying, work, homework, and other projects is hard to do and I always fall short on one or more of those responsibilities. So the biggest goal this month is to try to stay on top of everything. 

Blog Goals

Continue Posting Content Consistently - Last month I did really good with posting content I would like to keep that up this month. 

Stay on Top of my Social Media Postings - When I get really busy and overwhelmed, social media is the first thing I start to neglecting. 

Come up with New Content Ideas  - I want to come up with new series and new topics to change it up a bit. 


Personal Goals

Get School Assignments Done Early - Not waiting until the last minute to get homework and projects done is something I am going to be better at this year. This will free up a lot of time as well. 

Take More Pictures - I still have not got around to getting out and taking pictures, it has  just been too cold out to do anything. I will try this month but most likely this goal will be push back to March, once the weather gets nicer. 

Keep my Stress Levels Down - I have been going good with this goal as well. The main thing is not getting overwhelmed and falling behind on things. That's when I feel the most stressed. 

Do Better with Budgeting  - I still need to come up with a budget plan. Probably will do that this weekend.  

Continue my Health Hair Routine - The winter can be brutal to your hair especially to natural hair, I have been doing good keeping my hair moisturized and healthy. I am going to keep that up this month. 





My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is on the 19th which is right around the corner, So I thought I would share my birthday wishlist. There are pros and cons to having your birthday in January first of all whatever you didn't get for Christmas you can ask for it now but then on the other hand you feel guilty to ask for anything because you know that people spent most of their money during the holiday season. Plus with having a birthday in January there is a chance you might get snowed in or it's too freaking cold to even think about leaving the house, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Here's my birthday wishlist.

1. Bella Beat - One thing that I really want is the Bella Beat. The Bella Beat is an activity, sleep, and stress tracker. 

2. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser -  I love essential oils and I use to have a diffuser but it broke. 

3. Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses - I brought some these for my mom for Christmas and they are awesome, so chic !

4. Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle - This cup is amazing it keeps beverages cold for 9 hours and hot for 3 hours !

5. Succulent Plant Holder - This plant holder is too cute. I want to incorporate more plants into my life.

6. Fountain Pen - I thought this would be so cool to write with.

7.  Gravity Mechanical Pencil - This pencil is suppose to be super light weight, this would be perfect for school. 

8. Wire Storage Basket - I need a place to store all of my millions of notebooks and I think this will do the trick. 

Habits To Take Up This Year

Everyday I make a to do list of what I need to get done before the end of the day but some things I want to become more of a habit than just another thing I am suppose to do. 

Blogging Habits

Share on social media - I will schedule a post and then once the post goes live I forget to even share it on my social media. I need to share post and everything in between on my accounts.  

Take Better Photo  - I have already came along way in my blog photos but I feel like my subjects could be more versatile. I would like to really get out and explore for better photos. 

Create an Editorial Calendar that Works for Me  - This year I started to really write out my post and take in account what things I might need for those post and what picture I need to take. And let me tell you it has helped a whole lot, especially with being in school. 

Personal Habits

Wake up early everyday - I don't know why but if I wake up before 8 am I seems like I have more of a productive day. I don't know what it is but I do. So even on the weekends I would like to be up by 8 am. 

Get back into drink tea every morning - I use to be a tea fanatic but then I starting drink more and more coffee. I want to get back to that because tea has so many benefits.

Mediate - I would like to mediate for 10 to 20 minutes each day to help relieve stress. 


                                              What are some habits you would like to pick up this year?