Making Time for Blogging


It’s sometimes impossible to blog and go to school full time. When I am not physically at school I am working on school work at home. Sometimes I feel tired and can’t figure out how I am going to make the time to blog. I know I am not the only one who has an insane schedule but also want to work on their passion projects. This is how I make time for blogging.

 Use Your Free Time

 So when I don’t have school work and have some free time . Instead of just catching up on tv shows, which is what I really want to do, I will work on my blog. Any free time I get that is what I am doing. I use the time I have in between my classes, weekends, late nights, all to get my blog work done.

 Get Things Done Early

 With school it is easy to do things at the last minute. Some due dates seem so far away but if you have other responsibilities it is best to get all that done early. I try to do anything I can do in advance done as early as possible. This will be things like readings, studying, and papers. I do them in advance to offer up some more free time that I can be using to work on my blog.

 Make it a Priority

 It is often easy to think of blogging as something you can do whenever you feel like it which you can but if you want it to grow you must make it a priority. I love blogging and making content . I realized that I needed to take it a bit more seriously than I was and really start paying more attention to it. When I started doing that I noticed I was able to get more post done and really create the content I wanted to make.

 Schedule Everything

 There are so many different aspects to blogging. Writing, Photos, Editing. It’s harder than you think. So I would recommend scheduling out everything, that’s how I stay on top of it all. My blogging schedule works around my school schedule. Those free windows of time are always schedule with something.