What to Wear In New York City

New York's fashion is simple, sophisticated, clean, and modern. When going to a city like New York you have to change up your style to adapt to your new environment, which I love doing. In New York it is all about looking effortlessly put together. Here are some things that are always good to wear in New York.

Tees - You can dress a t-shirt up or down, 

Simple Bag or Backpack - A nice bag to tie you outfit together. 

Flats or Sneakers - In New York you are always walking some where so a nice sneaker or flats are best. 

Hats - A good hat in New York makes you look so cool. 

Blazer/Leather Jacket - Can never go wrong with a blazer or leather jacket in NYC. 

Statement Jewelry - If wearing something simple a little statement jewelry can go a long way. 

Sunglasses - There is something about wearing sunglasses that make you look so sophisticated.


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