Welcome to the New Posh Mode Ave.

Hey guys, I moved my blog to a new home. I have been working all week long to get the set up and I am really proud to launch the new site today! Now I know this switch was really unexpected but I felt like I need a change and thought that Squarespace was the way to go. I wasn't an easy decisions to make, before  my blog was on Wordpress and that was all I knew but I felt working with Squarespace would be a lot easier and less stressful for me especially when I start school again in the fall. I was very excited to be able and have full creative control over my website's look. 

The Tour

  • The Home Page is similar to my old website but a lot more simpler and uncluttered.
  • All of my original categories are still the same.  
  • In each category you will find post related to that category. 
  • My slider is still the same and font and color schemes as well.

I will be increasing how often I post new things and expect even more new additions to the site soon! I hope you all like the changes!