Ways to Spruce Up your Walls

If you have blank wall and you want to spruce it up there are always unique ways to do so. 


Inspiration Boards - My favorite option is a inspiration board. This works great in a office. Every time you look at it you will feel inspired. 

Frames - Frames with picture you have taken or drawings will always give you walls an elegant look. 

Wire Wall Grids - This is such a big trend right now. and a wire grid to your wall with your favorite things not only looks great but it also is a great way to organized.


Mirrors - Mirrors can help decorate your space and at the same time make your space look bigger. 

Clocks - When in doubt put up a clock, I mean who doesn't need to know the time ? 

Art Work - A nice canvas painting will make your space look more expensive than it might actually be and who doesn't want that?

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