Tips for Staying Motivated To Workout


It's hard to stay motivated to work out. I know I find myself doing well for about a week and then just fall off. Sometimes I get so unmotivated to get up and work out. I've learned for me I have to trick myself and do things to make me want to work out.

Weigh Ins

I like doing weigh ins because they keep me motivated and let me know if what I am going is working and it makes me want to push myself to work even harder. I normally do weekly or bi weekly weigh ins. I won't recommend doing daily weigh ins and becoming obsessed with it because that can become counter productive. When I do get on the scale and see that I am making progress that motivates me to continue to work out and when I don't see the weight I want to see that just motivates me even more.

Take Photos

I find that taking photos is probably more effective in motivating me than the weigh ins. Looking back at old pictures of yourself and seeing that difference when you look in the mirror is pretty amazing, it makes you want to continue. Also seeing how clothes fit on you differently and how they look on you is a big motivator. 

Make Goals and Mile Stones

I am a goal setter! I love setting goals for myself in all aspects of my life. So when it come to working it's not different. Sometimes I will set a goal of how many times per week I want to work out or how many steps I want to take daily. Whatever the goal is, it can be a motivator! And once you've accomplished that goal, you set a new one that challenges you even more.

Work Out Buddy

I personally don't have a workout buddy, I am a loner when it comes to working out. But I know for some people having a work out buddy is a great motivation. Having some one to push you and support you is just what you need sometimes. Also having a little friendly competition never hurt anybody.

Body Inspirations

I like to have body inspirations. This can be a good motivator but don't ever get to a point where you're comparing yourself to your body inspiration. For me I follow a lot of fitness Instagrammer, so when I am in bed feeling lazy and just want to lay around and watch my favorite shows all day. I can scroll through Instagram and see my favorite fitness Instagrammer and that will motivate me to get my lazy butt up and work out. My favorite fitness Instagrammers to follow are Rosanna Cordoba, Melissa Molinaro, Massy Arias, and Brittne Bae.