Tips for Productively Working at Home


Working at home can be a blessing and a curse. Though it is nice working in the comfort of your own home it can be a bit counter productive. It is supper easy to get distracted and start working on other things around the house or you just continue to push things off and before you know it's the end of the day. So for that not to happen there are a few things you can do to productively work at home. 

Set Work Hours

Setting work hours is the best thing you can do when working from home. Instead of doing an hour here, 30 minutes there, just set aside hour for work. I normally will set my work hours from 8am to 12pm or 9pm to 12am. Those times work for me because personally get all of my writing inspiration at night so writing post  just comes to me a lot easier. And if I am not in school or work I like to work on the blog early in the morning when my head is clear. These are the hours I prefer but you can make your hours whatever you want, just as long as they work for you. 

Get Dressed 

When working from home it is easy to just want stay in your pajamas but actually getting dressed can motivate you to not just lay around but get things done. And you don't have to put on make up and get all dresses up unless you want to but just something that different from what you wear to bed. 

Wake Up Early

Wake up as if you are going into work. Don’t sleep half the day away and then wake up doing work. By waking up early you will get more done and won’t feel like you spent your whole day working.  

Make a To Do List 

I normally will make a daily to do list, so I know exactly what I need to do that day and so I won’t  forget to do something. There is also something satisfying about when you finish a task and you can just cross it off your list, it makes me motivated to get the other things on my list done. 

Take Breaks

Taking a break and regrouping can help a lot. I will work constantly for about 2 hours then take a break and grab a snack. Stepping away form your work for a few minutes I have notice, helps me produce better content and if I am studying it helps me refocus and refresh. 

Have a Work Space

When you are working from home you can be tempted to work in your bed or on your couch, well I am here to tell you don't! Having a designated work space will make sure that you only get work done. If I am working in my bed then I might be more entice to take a nap or watch TV. And a work space doesn't have to be at a desk or office, make your dinning room table your work space, or go to your local library or coffee shop. 


Planning out your day can insure that you get done everything you need to. One thing that I have learned when it comes to blogging is that sometimes there is not enough time in the day! So if I have a to do list, I will just designated a certain time to get that task done. 

Give Yourself Days Off

Sometimes working from home can drive a person crazy, so taking days off is a must. Taking days off for me helps get my creative juices flowing. Sometimes I get inspired by the littlest things and when I least expect it. Just having fun and enjoying life is the best thing you can do for yourself, trust me!