Tips For a Better Sleep

Sleep is very important, it helps us function throughout our day. But getting a better sleep is better said than done. As a blogger I am always up late at night trying to get work done. But now I am trying to have a better sleep schedule. Here are a few tips I found to get a better sleep. 

1. Turn off all devices one hour before bed. - Distractions can hinder you from falling asleep. 

2. Don't take naps during the day. - Day naps can mess up your sleep for the night.

3. Read a book. - Always works. 

4. Listen to relaxing music or sounds. - There are so many apps that can help. 

5. Don't eat heavy foods before bed. 

6. Drink an herbal tea. - I recommend chamomile tea. 

7. Create a sleeping routine. 

8. Light a lavender candle to help you relax. - Do this before bed and blow it out before you lay down. 

9. Take a warm bath before bed. - This will make you sleep like a baby. 

10. Don't do any intense exercising before bed. - A little yoga is fine though. 


Do you have any sleeping tricks?