The Challenges of Blogging

I recently took a blogging break and one of the reasons was because I wasn't feeling inspired. Every time  I would seat at my computer and try to create new content I just would feel so stuck, or didn't feel like the content that I did create wasn't good enough. Blogging is hard and sometimes you need to take a breather. Now that I am back I thought I would do a post on the challenges of blogging. 

Producing Quality Content

This is the a struggle for a lot of bloggers. You as a blogger want to produce that best content. For me it's hard balancing quality content and time. I want my post to be intresting, entertaining and informative, but when you are working, going to school, and trying to live life that can get pretty hard, and that when you start putting out content that is not quality.

Finding Time to Blog

This is my main challenge when it comes to blogging. As mentioned already I am a full time student in college and  I work part-time. Anytime that I am not in school or at work I am doing homework, projects, and papers. On top of that I have to find time to  work on my art and photography, and blogging at the same time. So you see I literally have maybe 15 minutes out of my day to blog when I am in school. Now that I am on summer break I have more time. I really hope to get better at this balancing act. 

Being Consistent

Coming up with a blogging schedule and sticking to it can be difficult. You want to put out new post consistently for your readers. With blogging you have to plan out things in advance. You have to take pictures, write post, sometimes buy things all for one post. This is something I struggle with constantly. I use to make out my blogging schedule a month in advance but that never works especially when I am in school because I will get an assignment that will take priority that day and I can't work on post which throws my whole schedule off. What I have started to do is plan out post a week in advance that way I know what is happening for that week and I can plan post accordingly.  

Coming up with New Ideas 

Sometimes you just get writer's block and can't think of new and exciting post for your readers. You want to keep you readers engaged and not make the same types of post. I sometimes catch myself doing this. When this happen I either try taking a break to get reinspired, rather that be for a day or a month. 

These are the challenges I face with blogging, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Feels good to be back. 

What Challenges do you face blogging?