Getting To Know Me


Hey Guys, This post is a Get to know me tag. I thought this post would be a better way for everyone to learn more about me and really get to know me a little better. In the comments be sure to tell me about yourself as well.

  1. What are your nicknames? Minnie
  2. When is your birthday? January 19th. My birthday just past, I’m now 21!
  3. What is your hair color? Black
  4. What was the last thing you brought? Shoes!
  5. What is your best feature? My eyes. (Big and brown)
  6. Do you have any piercings or tattoos? No.
  7. Do you have braces? I had invisaligns in high school.
  8. Are you right handed or left handed? Right handed.
  9. Mac or PC? PC.
  10. OS or Android? Android
  11. Dogs or cats? Dogs
  12. What your favorite sport? Volleyball
  13. What’s your favorite movie? Mean Girls. That movie make me laugh everytime.
  14. What’s your favorite tv show?  I don’t really have a favorite tv show.
  15. What’s your favorite color? Pink, Of course.
  16. What’s your favorite season? Spring, Not too hot and not too cold.
  17. Are you single or taken? I’m single.
  18. Would you go sky diving? NO!
  19. Can you speak another language? A little french.
  20. What’s most important in your life? Family
  21. Have you ever had surgery? Yes
  22. How tall are you? 5’7
  23. How many siblings do you have? Just one, a brother.
  24. What’s your favorite drink? I love bamboo tea and green tea.
  25. What’s your favorite food? Pizza!
  26. Favorite Blog? I have so many it hard to just choose one.
  27. Do you want to have children one day? Yes
  28. Do you believe in aliens? Yes
  29. Can you cook? Surprisingly, Yes!
  30. Favorite accessories? A good purse!