Setting and Achieving Goals


I love setting goals, to tell you the truth I think I set too many goals. Goals for me is a way to motivated me to achieve something. I feel like when I set goals for myself I feel more accomplish when I finish them, and I feel like I'm growing and getting better.

 Make realistic goals

When it comes to setting goals, it is easy to get overly ambitious. Set goals that are challenging but realistic and reachable. If you have 50 followers on Instagram, you can't just say your goal is 1 million. Yes, maybe that's something you can reach down the line but maybe for right now make your goal 100 followers and then 500 followers and so on. Setting realistic goals will make you more motivated to keep going if you reach that goal you set, you will be ready to challenge yourself even more with the next goal.


 Make new goals

After I have reached a goal I always set a new goal. You should always be striving for something better. By making new goals that makes me continue to work hard and keeps me moving forward. Don't ever get comfortable where you are, things can always be better.

 Step by step

Not only do I make goals, but I think about the necessary steps I need to take to accomplish those goals. For an example if my goal is to lose 5 pounds, I will write down the steps I need to take to get there. Maybe that’s going on a low-carb diet or increase my cardio. I do this, so I know what it is I specifically need to do to achieve my goal.


When I set a goal for myself I put a time limit on it. This allows me to keep things moving along and not have a goal for too long. At the beginning of the year I set yearly goals and I also set mostly goals. My monthly goals are a little more specific and smaller then my yearly goals. Most of the time the monthly goals will help me in achieving and reaching my yearly goal. Setting a time on your goals will make you push yourself even more.

 Don’t give up

Setting and achieving goals is not an easy task. Sometimes you might not reach your goal at your set time and that's okay. Just reevaluate and never give up. You will get there through perseverance!

Why Going To A Small Town Can Be The Best Vacation


I recently went down south to visit some family and every time I go I have the best time, which made me wonder why? I only ask myself this because I was born and raised in a city/Urban environment in DC. So why some people find it boring going to a small town, it has the opposite affect on me.


When I went on my vacation I didn't have a care in the world. I didn't think about school, blogging, or anything. Most of the time when I go to the South I'm able to relax in a way I can't in the city. I swear I have never slept so much in my life. I was kind of scaring myself by how much I was sleeping. I don't know maybe it's the Clean Air, or the quietness but it's so damn peaceful there.



Every time I go to the South or a small-town the hospitality is unmatched. Everyone says hello and has a smile on their face as they greet you, it's amazing and such a warm feeling. In the city you don't get that. Everyone is very cold and to themselves. So when you see someone waved at you for no reason but to just say hello or hold the door for you it's like the best thing ever. Southern Hospitality is real and I loved every minute of it.


Don't get me wrong there are a million amazing eating spots in the city but it's something about southern comfort food that is just irresistible. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. In small towns they don't cut corners on ingredients and everything is so fresh because everything is locally grown. Also they are not stingy with their food they will actually overfeed you and tell you to take some home. Hey, but I'm not complaining.

Favorite Ways to Treat Myself

Untitled design.png

One thing that I think everyone should do once in awhile is treat themselves. I do it all the time probably more than I should but none the less it's a way to reward myself after doing something challenging like getting through finals or just do it put a smile on my face. Either way it's very effective. Here are my favorite ways to treat myself.

Favorite Food - Food is hands down the number one way I can treat myself. I am a foodie so anytime I can eat from one of my favorite spots is a treat for me. It can be something a simple as a doughnut or a cupcake. It doesn't matter as long as it put a smile on my face and make my tummy happy!

Flowers - There is something about flowers that makes a room light up. I love having fresh flowers around they are amazing. My favorites are tulips. Most of the time I will just go to my local grocery store and they always have something amazing to choose from. 

Mani/ Pedi - It is not often I have time to go and get a professional  manicure and pedicure, I usually just do it myself, so when I do get it done it's a big deal for me. Something about it is just so relaxing especially if you go in the early morning and get a cup of coffee before you go. I mean can you say perfect!  

Netflix/Hulu - I know this doesn't seem like much of a way to treat yourself but when I am in school I barely have time to do anything and I get so backed up on shows it's ridiculous. Taking some time to just relax and catch up on shows is a treat. 

Sleep in - This goes in line with the Netflix dilemma. When I am in school I am so sleep deprived I might get 5 hours of sleep a night when I am in school and even less when it's midterms or finals. So when I have the pleasure of sleeping in I take full advantage.  

Be with nature  - I really find nature relaxing and calming, guess that why am studying landscape architecture. My top favorite nature spots to go is Great Falls Park, U.S. Botanic Gardens, and U.S. Arboretum. 

Movies - I don't go out to the movies a lot, literally that only time I make it my mission to go to the movies is when a Marvel movie comes out. So I consider a trip to the theatre a treat. 

Shopping - This recently became more of a treat since I cut back on clothes shopping. I used to be so obsessed with online shopping, like really bad. But then I notice that 50% of the things I was buying was just sitting in my closet with tags still on them. Since I buy less now, it's a treat when I do go shopping. 

Museums - Living in the DC area has it's perks when it comes to the abundance of museums we have here. I have lived here my whole life and still haven't been to all of the museums. Fun fact: I love art! So my favorite museum hands down is the National Gallery of Art. Going to museums is another thing that relaxes me. Sometimes when I go during hours when they aren't  crowded I will take my sketchbook and sketch some of the paintings or what ever I see. 

March Mood Board | 2018

March mood Board.png

I am so excited that March is here! That means Spring is near!!!! I am so sick of this cold and brutal winter weather. This month is pretty busy for me. I have midterms coming up already, I still need to find an internship for the summer, plus I have a lot of content that I want to make but need to find the time to do so. This month I also want to make a few changes to my blog and revamp some things. I would like to change the type of content but will continue to do lifestyle tips. I want to do more style, college, and natural hair content. So look out for that. I will get a lot of my content done during spring break because when I come back from spring break I will be really busy wrapping up my junior year of college!

March Goals

Get Through Midterms  - I have three major test and a project!

Find Internship - Top on my to do list!

Revamp Blog - I like changing up how my blog looks. 

Make New Content For Blog and YouTube Channel (During Spring Break) - I will be really busy this whole week but it will pay off in the end. 

Book Any Summer Trips - I need to start thinking about what I would like to do this summer and book it! The reality is that it's right around the corner. Plus this is my last summer before I graduate. :(

Spring Clothes Additions  - I want to do a little spring clothes shopping! 

Benefits of Journaling


Recently I started journaling. Journaling can be different for many people, it could mean writing, drawing, and saving memories. I use my journal to express myself through art. My art journal is something really enjoy having. It helps me escape my busy life and helps with my stress and anxiety levels. If you are looking for something to help with either or are on the fence about journaling here are some for the amazing benefits to journaling.

Mindfulness - Journaling makes you go into a mindful state. When you are journaling you are not thinking about other things like how much homework you have or all the things you have to do tomorrow. You are just in the moment. 

Sparks Creativity - When I am having creative block I like to draw. It makes me not think about things so much. I am able to better think and clear my mind and comeback better and ready to brainstorm new ideas.

Reduces Stress - Since I am able to clarify my thoughts and focus on one thing instead of a million things like I normally do , I am able to reduce stress. I have a lot of things on my plate like most people. I have to work, go to school, blog, make YouTube content, and find time to just live life. All of these things can become overwhelming. So doing something that is not actually on my to do list or a task is refreshing. 

Other Benefits

  • Solve problems more effectively 
  • Cope with Depression  
  • Clarify thoughts and feelings


Spring Style Staples | 2017

I am absolutely enjoying the spring weather. And because it is a new season I have a excuse to spend money on new spring clothes. This season I have a few spring staples that I just have to have in my closet. 

Off the Shoulder

I love off the shoulder tops and dresses. They are so feminine and cute.  Looks great with anything. 


I find rompers to be really care free and refreshing. 

Graphic Tee

I love a good graphic tee. It puts a little edgy to any outfit.

Jean Jacket

I need a nice jean jacket for those slightly cold days.  


For my casual days a good pair of sneakers is the way to go. 

Lifestyle Blogs I Love


Throughout my blogging journey I have discovered so many blogs that I admire. Today I thought I would share a few of those blogs with you.

The Skinny Confidential was one of the first blogs I discovered. I love Lauryn’s site set up and that her post are so real. You can get a sense of  her personality through her blog post. I love her wellness section. When I was thinking about starting a blog I ask Lauryn advice on photography and other blogging tips and she was so nice and replied back right away.

The Sunday Chapter is a beautiful blog. I love reading her travel and beauty post. I also love her wellness category. Angela gives you so many amazing lifestyle tips. Her Instagram is also great!

Rebecca’s blog From Roses is a bright and fantastic! Every picture on her site is breathtaking. She writes so many great post, oh and did I mention she has adds a new blog post daily! I love her commitment to her blog and her audience.

Cocochic is a blog I would recommend to anyone. I recently came across this blog and  I am glad I did. Stephanie showcases her outfits and beauty advice on her blog and YouTube channel. She also shares great blogging tips to help other bloggers and people thinking about starting a blog.

Last but certainly not least is Paula’s Blog Thirteen Thoughts. This was another blog I first discovered when I was making my own blog. I knew nothing about blogging but after reading Paula’s post I was so inspired, she also shares amazing and useful advice about blogging, photography, and Lifestyle. Her blog is such a great influence for others.