Benefits of Unplugging

Taking a break from the online universe can really refresh your mind and get you back on track if you need it. You can start to refocus and come back renewed  and less stressed. It’s good this day and time to unplug once in awhile, most of what we do is online, how we interact, learn, and for some work. 

While unplugging, you might be a little lost as to what you should do with your free time. For me I can stay on the computer for hours, working on blog post, scheduling social media post, editing pictures, etc. I try to unplug at least four times a month to get a mental break.  Here are some things I do when I take those breaks:

  • Have a Spa day
  • Do some Drawings
  • Organize my Desk
  • Study my Bible
  • Watercolor Painting
  • Go out and take some photos
  • Watch a new movie 
  • Exercise