Bamboo Tea

So I am obsessed with tea, I don’t care what kind I will try all flavors. Right now I am drinking Bamboo Tea.  I had been hearing about it for a while and just never got around to trying it but I finally have and I love it. I have been drinking it for more than a month now and I wanted to do a review on it. When I first tasted the tea, it really didn’t taste like anything but the more you drink you can start to taste it’s distinctive taste. It is definitely a light tea. It has a weird smell that I can’t really describe, almost like nature if that makes any sense?.

Before I brought the bamboo tea I did a little research of coarse (what am I kidding a lot of research) and here is some of the info I found out:

  1. Bamboo tea helps with hair growth- Silica helps strengthen nail, teeth, hair, and bones and improves skin elasticity. And this tea has an abundant amount of silica.
  2. It helps regulate blood pressure- because bamboo tea has high levels of potassium it helps lower and maintain blood pressure.
  3. It is a great way to detoxify the body- bamboo tea supports liver function, which helps eliminate waste.
  4. It is loaded with antioxidants-bamboo tea is loaded with antioxidant which helps aid in all the beauty benefits the tea has to offer.
  5. It’s an anti-inflammatory- because it is an anti-inflammatory it helps with wound healing, inflammation, and ulcers.
  6. It doesn’t contain caffeine-I personally try to stay away from caffeine because it causes acne, so if you’re like me then this definitely a plus.
  7. It helps with respiratory and digestive issues.- It has been used in Asia for these medical issues.

Because of all those amazing benefits I was more driven to try the tea. I personally brought my bamboo tea from Amazon the Uncle Lee’s Brand, but you can also find it in some health food stores.

If you do try this tea I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!