February Mood Board | 2019

feb mood board.png

February is here! Which I can’t believe, January went really fast and this is a short month, so March will be here before you know it. I am officially back in school and just finished my first week, which went well. I am realizing that this spring semester is gonna go by really fast and I will be graduating in May before I know it. This month I am just getting my schedule and time management on track, that way I will be able to juggle school, blogging, and YouTube.

Goals for February

Redecorate my bedroom

Get on a consistent schedule for YouTube

Get all my readings done ahead of time

Continue to be consistent with my Blog Schedule

Clean out my closet for my spring wardrobe

November Mood Board | 2018

Nov mood board (1).png

Hey guys, Sorry I have been MIA I’ve been dealing with a bunch of school stuff. I had a project that took up more time than expected but I am back. November is here which is crazy but I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and all that amazing food! I am going to do a quick life update.


Like I said I recently finished up a project and I am about to start another one which means I am going to be busy again but I will schedule out some things so I don’t go missing again. I’ve already registered for my spring semester classes! The last classes before I graduate. I only have to take 2 classes unlike this semester with 5 classes so I will have more time to make content and really buckle down and focus on my blog and YouTube which I am super excited about.

Blog / YouTube

With the blog I have been slacking which always happens when I get back in school. I really try to balance everything but sometimes it’s out of my control. School is always my #1 priority even when I would rather be working on my blog. That’s why I am so excited for next semester, I will have a lot more time. I have some awesome new ideas for the blog and YouTube that I have been thinking about for the upcoming new year.


I feel like this time last year I was stressed the hell out and it was taking a toll on my body really badly. But this year I am not letting things stress me out as much. During this school year I have learned to accepted that I can’t do everything and somethings have to be put off and I will get them done when I can. My well being is much more important than trying to juggle everything.

Goals for November

  • Finish out the school year strong

  • Film More

  • Start Christmas shopping early

  • Try new recipes

  • Workout (this is my goal every month!)

October Mood Board | 2018

oct mood board.png

Cant believe how fast time is moving it seems like I was just making a mood board for September. I am already about to take midterms, which really puts things in perspective. September was full of me trying to figure out my new blogging schedule while taking 5 classes, and so far so good. I am not stressed out yet. I am supper excited for October. October is one of my favorite months of the year because of all the autumn festivities. and Halloween of coarse!

Goals for October

Get through Mid Terms

Make awesome fall content

Cook some new recipes

Start back working out

September Mood Board | 2018

Septem Mood Board.png

I can't believe September is already here. We are almost in the last quarter of the year, which I am excited for because of the holiday season. I just started up school last week so I have been busy trying to figure out my schedule and get back into the swing of things. I have been getting textbooks and looking to see how I am gonna juggle everything but I am up for the challenge. This month will be a true test because normally during September my blog takes a backseat to everything else that is going on in my life, which is not what I want.  So I am making it my mission to be on top of everything. 

Goals for September

Get back into the groove of school. 

Make new schedule

Reach out to brands

Don't get stressed out

Fall Clothing Shopping 

August Mood Board | 2018

Aug Mood Board.png

I hate to say this but summer is basically over!!! At the end of this month I will be heading back to college for my senior year, which I am excited and kind of sad about. With me going back to school soon I have been trying to work hard on making blog content and getting it scheduled ahead of time. Blogging while in school is very challenging. This upcoming semester I will be taking 5 classes and try to keeping blogging at least 4 times a week, while trying to make content for my two YouTube channels! So my schedule is going to be super busy and stressful but I am up for the challenge. 

August Goals

Come up with new schedule for school, blogging, and YouTube.

Do some back to school shopping. (Supplies and clothes)

Get mentally prepared for school. 

Schedule out a lot of content. 

Try to enjoy my last few weeks of summer.

July Mood Board | 2018

July Mood Board.png

It's July already, soon I will be back in school :(  It is hard to believe how fast time is flying. June was a pretty good month for me I started my internship which is going well. I got back into the groove of blogging after taking a break back in May to wrap up school. So just been working hard in the last month. But for July I want to push myself even more and work even harder. There will be a few changes happening on the blog, all of the social media platforms, and Youtube. I think I am at point in my life were I want to make more content that I am passionate about and content that is more personal. The past few months I have not been as motivated to make content and I think that is because I am not making the content that speaks to me as person. I started to get to a point were blogging was something I felt like I need to do rather than what I wanted to do. And I always want to be excited and passionate about everything I do in my life. So after some self reflecting I realized that I wasn't being true to myself but was doing what I thought people would like, and at the end of the day I started this blog to express myself and share my experiences. Everything about my online presence and space will be changing in the next month or so and I have to say I am beyond excited about it!


June Mood Board | 2018

June mood board 2018.png

So happy summer is finally here! Last Month was really busy wrapping up school but I got through it. I can officially call myself a Senior in college! Which is hard to believe, those 4 year flew by really fast. But now that the summer is here I can focus on my blog and YouTube channel. I always find it hard balancing both school and my blog, it's something I would love to get better at. I have a few goals this month.

June Goals

Get back on track with posting. ( Expect a lot of new content on the blog and Youtube)

Try out some new natural hairstyles.

Add some new items to my summer wardrobe.

Get my new camera. 

Get back into drawing and making art. 

Try some new summer food recipes.





April Mood Board | 2018

April mood board 2018.png

Hey guys, I am fresh off of spring break and feel more refreshed and ready to finish my last month and a half of school before summer break! 

April Goals

Register for my classes for senior year!

Find Internship - Still Looking

Spring Clothes Additions  - Still haven't been spring clothes shopping because it's not really feeling like spring in DC just yet. 

Get back on blog and YouTube schedule - have a lot of content I am excited to share.