Ways To Refresh Your Room Without Buying Anything


I have recently been feeling the urge to change up my room but I don't want to spend a lot of money. As a senior in college have to start thinking about saving money and not spending it. So I thought of different ways to refresh my room without buying anything.

 Move your furniture around

 Rearranging your furniture can make a room look completely different. I've had my room setup the same way for a long time so changing things up made me feel like I was in a different space. Also arranging Furniture in a way that is more functional can make a space more enjoyable.


 Getting rid of a few things will make a big difference in your space and free up room for other things. Decluttering a room can make it more open and help you feel more free. I always go by the rule of if I haven't used it in the past year or more I will toss it. This helps me not hold on to things I don't need.


 If you have a lamp or a standing light I would recommend seeing how it looks in a different spot in your room. Try it on the opposite side of the room and see how it looks, you might end up liking in the new spot better.  Changing the location of lighting can really bring a freshness to a room and it doesn't you cost anything.

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Ways to Spruce Up your Walls

If you have blank wall and you want to spruce it up there are always unique ways to do so. 


Inspiration Boards - My favorite option is a inspiration board. This works great in a office. Every time you look at it you will feel inspired. 

Frames - Frames with picture you have taken or drawings will always give you walls an elegant look. 

Wire Wall Grids - This is such a big trend right now. and a wire grid to your wall with your favorite things not only looks great but it also is a great way to organized.


Mirrors - Mirrors can help decorate your space and at the same time make your space look bigger. 

Clocks - When in doubt put up a clock, I mean who doesn't need to know the time ? 

Art Work - A nice canvas painting will make your space look more expensive than it might actually be and who doesn't want that?

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Spring Inspired Tabletop Decor


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