June Mood Board | 2017

Hey so May for me was a pretty busy month. I wrapped up school which meant a lot of studying for finals and finishing projects and writing up my last papers before summer. It was a little stressful but now I am fully enjoying my summer and getting back to actually enjoying my life. 

For this month's mood board I was felt a little minimal, fresh, and light. I perfect representation of the weight that is lifted off of my shoulders since school has finished. 

June Goals

  • Enjoy my break
  • Work on my online store
  • Get back to Blogging and Social Media
  • Get back to my artistic side
  • Exercise daily

June Mood Board


Currently Loving natural hair style that show off your natural curl pattern. I am all about light and airy spaces and am getting into gardening and nature all together. I really could use a vacation to a tropical place so I can relax. I would really like to learn yoga and make that a part of my daily routine to help with some stress. I am all about enjoying my summer as much as possible!

March Mood Board


Currently loving off the shoulder tops and everything with tassels on it. Lately I have been craving sweet especially things with cinnamon and sugar on it. Can't wait for sandal weather!, It's been getting a little warm here in DC but not yet enough for sandals. Looking forward to the cherry blossoms! Loving all spring beauty trends and some spring cleaning . I am really needing inspirational quotes to help me get through these last weeks of classes.