Simple Things to Brighten Your Day

Sometimes you just have those days were your mood is down and it hard to smile. Believe me I know. But there is always a way to brighten up your day. Here are a few simple things you can do to help brighten your day. 

Buy yourself some flowers - Buy yourself your favorite flowers. 

Complement Someone - When you complement others it's the best feeling ever. 

Read  Inspirational Quotes - There are so my quotes that will make you smile or feel empowered. 

Exercise - Exercising can help blow off some steam. Believe me you will feel so much better afterwards. 

Take a Walk - Taking a walk and appreciating my surround makes me feel a lot better. 

Smile - Sometimes just  smiling  can brighten up your day. 

Try Something New for Lunch or Dinner - Eating something new that I always wanted to try makes me so happy.

Listen to your favorite song - Music is so uplifting. 

Find a funny video or joke - Sometime all you need is to see a funny video on YouTube. 

Treat yourself to something - Treating myself to new pair of shoes or bag is just great. 

Light your favorite candle - Smelling your favorite candle can brighten up your day.