September Mood Board | 2017

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It's September which means everyone is back to school and are back to being very busy, at least I know that I am. I have started my classes and already have so much homework but then again I am taking 5 classes! 

August Reflection

  • Work on a lot of Blog Post - I was able to work on a few blog post but not as much as I wanted too.
  • Take some more pics for Blog - Accomplished!
  • Do more outfit post - I have a lot of outfit post coming up! 
  • Go on one more trip before school starts - I was not able to go one last trip before I started school :(
  • Open my online store - My online store is now open!
  • Find an internship - Still looking for internships.
  • Get ready for school - I am back in school.

September Goals

  • Reorganize my Desk
  • Make new blog schedule 
  • Take more pictures
  • Declutter a bit
  • Find new fall recipes
  • Buy a few fall clothing pieces