September Goals

I am fully back in the swing of school which means summer is officially over. I will definitely miss it.  But now with so many things I have to juggle comes a whole new set of goals. Here are my September blog and personal goals. 

Blog Goals

Make a new blog schedule - During the summer I was blogging everyday which was great because I had the time to do so but now my schedule is hectic. So from September until my schedule has died down I will try to post four times a week. 

Schedule Social Media Post - Schedule out Social media post in my spare time. 

Keep taking pictures - I've noticed that when I get busy I put my picture taking on the back burner. So I will try to be more conscious of that. 

Personal Goals

Brush up on my French - I have always wanted to learn another language.  I took french in high school and two courses in college but now I want to get more serious about it. 

Better stress management - During school time I always get very stressed out, but I want this year to be different. 

Better Time Management - Time management is key when it comes to working, blogging. and going to school all at the same time. Managing my time better will also help my stress level. 

Start Saving Money - I have some big moves I want to make in the next 6 months or so. This means I need to save as much as possible. 

Take Time out for Myself - I always work until I get to a point where I just either can't take it no longer or it takes a toll on my body. So I need to take time out for me. Rather that's drawing, going a small shopping spree, or just watch a movie, I need to do it.