Reinventing Your Blog Without Starting Over


I recently came to a point where I wanted to change up the direction of my blog and its structure a bit. I was debating hard on whether or not I should just start over from square one with a new blog or not. But then I thought about it some more and I realized that I didn't need to start a new blog but just reinvent and upgrade the blog I already have.

The Look

The first thing I did was changed up the look of my blog. Changing this can bring a new Breath of Life to your blog. I have changed the look of my website before but hadn't done it in a while. So changing up the look was like starting a new chapter in my blog journey. You can change the look in many different ways by changing your font,  some of the site colors, the pictures or even a whole new layout.

Niche / Mission


My block is a lifestyle blog which I love, so changing my niche wasn't something that I  wanted to do but for some people that can be the change you need. Instead I change my mission. When I first started my blog I knew that I wanted to start a blog as a way to express myself and what I love. But over the years I have a new mission for my blog which is to help others through my life experiences. Specifically people on the same journey I am on which is adulthood and trying to figure things  out. I still will share a lot of  fun stuff and my love of fashion but I wanted to get deeper with my content. And let my growth as a person reflect in my blog.


Adding new categories and delete categories can make a big difference in your blog when I first start it my blog I thought I needed a category for anything and everything. I started out with 10 different categories like food, travel, decor, fashion, beauty, series, personal, blogging. As I grew up I thought that was a little too much so now I have four basic categories fashion beauty lifestyle and blogging and I've added a new category which is college / adulting because of the new chapter in my life and the new content I want to focus on.


I have recently changed up the way I added my pictures and this made a big difference in the look of my blog. My blog pictures were good but I don't feel like they were cohesive. The new-look that I was trying to go for was no longer being represented in my pictures so I chose to edit them differently. Doing something as simple as that has made a big difference and made my blog look like a new and refreshing.