How I Prepare Myself for The Spring Semester


Some of you guys have already started back at school for the spring semester and some of you haven’t like myself. This will be my last and final semester!! It’s kind of exciting and bittersweet at the same time. And although I would love to sit here and reflect on my college experience, I still need to get through this semester, Then we can get nostalgic. So before a new semester starts I have a routine that I do to make sure I am starting the semester off to a good start.

My Schedule

I register for all of my classes before the previous semester ends. So In November I already knew the classes I was going to be taking in the spring. Before the spring semester I just double check and make sure my schedule is set then I will add it to my calendar, I use google calendar. Once I have added my classes to my calendar, I will add times for my other responsibilities like blogging and filming, around those classes. I will come up with a more detailed schedule once I get my syllabus for the classes, then I can add exam dates, projects, and schedule out study times.



Most of my classes don’t require textbooks because of my major (landscape architecture), but in the case where I have to take a class that require textbooks I like to go on the hunt to see if I can get the textbook for free online, in a PDF version, or I look on Amazon and try the rent it. Most of the time Amazon will have to book and I just go ahead and order it.


For my major I need supplies that other people don’t normally need. If I used all of my drafting paper and drafting dots, which is what I usually run out of, then I will order it. Also when starting a new semester I like to start with a new sketch book. The best and cheapest place to order art supplies like this is Blick Art Supplies, they have everything and ship pretty fast! If I need something ASAP I will order it from Amazon or go to my local craft store like a Micheal’s.

Organize Files

On my computer I will make new a folder for the new semester and new folders the classes I will be taking that semester. I will also clean up files that were not put in the right folder from the previous semester, sometimes at the end of the semester things get misplaced and messy. Organizing my computer files is very important for me because most of my work is done on a computer. I have a lot of Photoshop, Auto Cad, and Indesign files. It’s important to keep all of those things in the right place and not just saved anywhere.

Clean Up Old Papers

After I finish a semester I normally don’t go through my folders and throw away stuff I don’t need because I’m just too exhausted to after finals, projects, and long papers. So once it’s time for a new semester I just go through my folders and backpack and throw away old hand outs and stuff I will never need again. I normally will keep old quizzes and stuff like that, just to refer back to if needed.

But yeah that is pretty much it. That is how I prepare for my spring semester of school.