Photoshop Alternatives for Your Blog

As a blogger you always need amazing images  and graphics to go with your blog post. And most blogger or anyone in the creative community undoubtedly use Photoshop to get the job done. However Photoshop is not free and takes time to learn how to use. Luckily for me my major included us learning Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. So for those of you who need alternative to Photoshop here are some suggestions. ( most of them are free!)


First on my list is Canva. This is a one site that I first started using when I became a blogger. I did most of my graphics on this site and sometimes still do. Canva is one of the most popular designing tools. It is super easy to use and when you setup your account they will take you through a tutorial. It has a drag and drop interface. They also provide a wide variety of premade templates to chose from.  You can create great graphics for your blog, social media sites, online store, whatever you want. This site is my #1 pick. 

Pic Monkey

Next up is Pic Monkey. This site is also user friendly making it great for beginners. It is available online and has all the basic elements you need to edit a photo or create a graphic. It has a huge library of fonts, overlays, textures, icons and editing features, it enables you to create a beautiful, graphics in minutes.


If you already know Photoshop Basics than Pixlr is perfect for you. Pixlr is a lot like Photoshop.  It has the same features as Photoshop but your able to access it through the internet.  It has many advanced features such as layers, curves, color picker, dodge, and burn, which is why if most people who use Photoshop also use Pixlr. It has of a huge library of effects, borders and overlays. 

These programs are amazing alternatives to Photoshop if you don’t yet have time to learn it or just can’t afford it. I hope this will help you find the perfect program that's right for you. 

Videos on how to use these programs: