November Mood Board | 2018

Nov mood board (1).png

Hey guys, Sorry I have been MIA I’ve been dealing with a bunch of school stuff. I had a project that took up more time than expected but I am back. November is here which is crazy but I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and all that amazing food! I am going to do a quick life update.


Like I said I recently finished up a project and I am about to start another one which means I am going to be busy again but I will schedule out some things so I don’t go missing again. I’ve already registered for my spring semester classes! The last classes before I graduate. I only have to take 2 classes unlike this semester with 5 classes so I will have more time to make content and really buckle down and focus on my blog and YouTube which I am super excited about.

Blog / YouTube

With the blog I have been slacking which always happens when I get back in school. I really try to balance everything but sometimes it’s out of my control. School is always my #1 priority even when I would rather be working on my blog. That’s why I am so excited for next semester, I will have a lot more time. I have some awesome new ideas for the blog and YouTube that I have been thinking about for the upcoming new year.


I feel like this time last year I was stressed the hell out and it was taking a toll on my body really badly. But this year I am not letting things stress me out as much. During this school year I have learned to accepted that I can’t do everything and somethings have to be put off and I will get them done when I can. My well being is much more important than trying to juggle everything.

Goals for November

  • Finish out the school year strong

  • Film More

  • Start Christmas shopping early

  • Try new recipes

  • Workout (this is my goal every month!)