My college essentials

I will be back to college pretty soon so in these last few days I am gathering up all my supplies. Here are my college essentials. 

Backpack - This is a must have . You need something to help carry all of your textbooks and supplies. 

Page Marker - Great to put in textbooks to keep track of where you left off or to mark important information. 

Sticky Notes - These help remind me of assignment and things that I have to do. 

Binder/ Notebook/ Folders - Folders help me keep my papers organized. Notebooks and binder help me take my notes. 

Calculator - If you are taking math courses than this will always come in handy. 

Flash Drive - Keep all my computer assignments in one place. 

Index Cards - These help me study so much when I have test. 

Highlighters - Always use highlighters for important info.

Pens/ Pencils  - To do all of your writing with. 

Laptop - My laptop is my best friend. 

Portable Charger - Not everywhere on campus has a place to charge your devices. So having a portable charger is best. 

Stapler - I keep a mini stapler in my bag for those paper emergency's. 

Well that's about it, My most needed and used school supplies.