My Birthday Wishlist!

My birthday is right around the corner, so I thought I would share my birthday wishlist. Having a birthday right after the holidays is very hard to celebrate and you  feel really bad about asking for anything. Everybody is either broke or they don’t want to celebrate as much as you because they are on there New Year's resolutions of dieting. Anyways, I do have a few things that would like to get that I didn’t get for Christmas. Here they are:

  1. The Year of Cozy Book - This book as awesome recipes and DIY’s I would love to try.
  2. Nail Polish - You can never have too much nail polish.
  3. Planner - I am obsessed with any cute notebooks or planners.
  4. Candle - A nice scented candle to help me relax.
  5. Backpack - I would love a stylish backpack
  6. Perfume - This is one of my favorite scents!
  7. Cups - I find moscow mule cups so cute!
  8. The 52 Lists Project - A nice and easy way to keep a diary.
  9. Display Box - This box would look really amazing on my dresser.
  10. The Little Book of Mindfulness - I am always looking for things to make me less stressed out.
  11. Boots - These boots are amazing! I mean come on, it has a gold heel!

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