My Beauty Essentials


These are my Beauty Essentials I can’t live without. I hope some of these things become your favs also.

  1. Nars Concealer –I love this concealer I usually use it for blemishes on my skin. It doesn’t clog my pores plus it is very creamy and easy to blend. I would recommend this to anyone.
  2. Essie Warm & Toasty Turtleneck - This is my go to Essie color Warm and toasty turtleneck. This color basically goes with everything. And it is perfect for all seasons.
  3. Nars Tinted Moisturizer – Next is my absolute fav. The Nars Tinted Moisturizer is an essential. This is something I use when I need a light coverage. It is amazing; it also doesn’t clog my pores. It is a really good item to have in your makeup bag. I personally don’t like foundation so this is the perfect in between.
  4. Avon Water Proof Mascara - This mascara is pretty amazing; it is a waterproof mascara from Avon. What I like about this mascara is that although it is waterproof it is not hard to take off like other waterproof mascara. Definitely worth trying.
  5. EOS Lip Balm - Eos lip balm is a must have. It keeps my lips well moisturized all day long. And I also love the unique design of the Eos Lip balm; it is so different from others. And also they have many assorted flavors.