I have been taking this college course on happiness. I know right, a course on happiness..! Anyway, I have been learning so much in the class that I had to share it with you guys.

One of the topics we have been talking about is mindfulness. For those of you who don’t know what mindfulness is, it is being in the present moment and paying attention to what you are doing and accepting that experience. Mindfulness can help improve well-being and physical and mental health. It can also reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve sleep.

After talking about this in class I started to asking myself. Am I a mindful person? Do I practice mindfulness? All of my answers were no.

I wake up and think about the traffic I have to sit in to get to my destination. On Sundays I think about all the classes I have to take on Monday. I go through my day thinking and wondering about what’s next on my agenda (which just stresses me out even more).When in actuality I should be enjoying and appreciating the moment I am in. And I know so many people who do the same exact thing I am describing and by the end of the day we just make ourselves more miserable.

So I write this post to tell you all to start trying to be more mindful of every minute in your life. If you are on your lunch break focus on that, don’t think about  the work you have to get back to or if you are taking a walk don’t let your mind drift to other things.

“Take every moment one moment at a time”  and I bet you will have a more satisfying day.