Mid Year Goals and Progress Report


It's hard to believe that we're  already halfway through the year, but we are! So because it is June it made me look back at the goals I set for myself in January and see if I accomplished those goals already, or need to reevaluate on how to accomplished those goals before the year is done.

Goals I Set In January

Stay Consistent - Still working on.

Start my YouTube Channel - Done!

Healthier Lifestyle  - Still working on, have gotten better at it though. 

Be more adventurous and social  - Trying to get out more this summer. Still a work in progress.

Budget better  - My spending has gotten a whole lot better!!! 

Give everything 110% - I've been giving everything like 75%, just enough to get by, so I am still working on this one. 

New Goals


Start doing Yoga - I've always thought about starting yoga but have never tried, so that is something I would like to incorporate in my life. 

Cook more  - I am getting sick of eating the same things over and over again. So I would like to learn some new dishes to make. 

Enjoy my last year in school  - This next school year will be my last in college, so I really just want to enjoy it. I have spent my whole life in school up to this point so although it is exciting it is kind of sad too. It is a start to a new chapter in my life but an ending as well. 

How to accomplish my goals

Now that I know where I stand with my goals. I can look ahead at the rest of the year and make the adjustments I need to meet my goals. And hopefully by the end of the year I accomplish all of them.  


What are mid year goals? Have you accomplished your goals you set in January?