Managing Time


With my busy schedule it is very important for me to manage my time and take advantage of the any spare time that I have. Being a blogger, college student and now YouTuber can be hard and sometimes seems impossible to do; not to mention overwhelming. So managing my time is the ultimate trick to getting all that I need to do done! 

Plan - When it comes to planning I plan a lot. In the beginning of the month I will plan out generally how the month will go. And on Sundays I plan out the week in more detail so I know what it is I need to accomplish throughout the week. Planning is the key to making sure you don't forget to do something, for me if it is not planned out it will not get done. 

Schedule Time Blocking  - Depending on what I need to accomplish, I will block out time to get it done. I do this for writing blog post or taking pictures for the blog. I will usually just say from this time to that time I will only focus on this and nothing else. 

Prioritize - When I have a whole list of things to do I try to prioritize. It's impossible sometimes to get everything on my list done , so making sure I do the most important things first is really helpful.  

Smaller Tasks - Come up with smaller tasks in you over all big task. For an example if you have to create content for your blog maybe just work on graphics first then move on to writing and editing. I find that compartmentalizing tasks help me get things done fast without feeling overwhelmed. 

No Mulitasking - When managing time the worst thing you can do is try to multitask. Multitasking is so counter productive. Always focus on one thing until you are finish and then move on to the next task.  

Cut Out Distractions - If you are in an environment where you really can't focus or you are distracted by your phone,etc. Try to eliminate those distractions. This will help you get things done quicker, leaving more time for other tasks. 

Say No - As much as you want to do everything and not pass up opportunities sometimes you just have to say no to things. When I really want to just go out to the movies with my friends I have to say no and work on the stuff I need to get done.