Links I'm Loving: 1/25/2016

Links I'm Loving 1-25-2016 (2)

Links I'm Loving 1-25-2016 (2)

Hey guys, here are some links I’m loving this week:

  1. Hacks for a Healthy Lifestyle - These are some great tips for getting healthy.
  2. Compensation Conversation - Money is never an easy subject to talk about, this guide will definitely help.
  3. Productive Things to do on a Snow Day - I recently had a few snow days and all of these things are a great way to spend that extra time.
  4. The Benefits of Unplugging - We spend a lot of time on our devices, it's good to unplug once in awhile.
  5. DIY Spiked lollipops - I would love to try these! I have never heard of spiked lollipops.
  6. Tips for the Perfect Road Trip - Amazing guide to the perfect road trip!
  7. Creamy Tahini Chopped Salad - This recipe looks so awesome!
  8. How to take better Instagram Photos - It's always good to get tips on taking and editing your photos.
  9. Green Smoothie - Simple and healthy smoothie!