Links I'm Loving: 11/28



Here are some links I'm loving this week. Hope you enjoy!

1.5 Simple Rules for Choosing your Essential Coat - Great tips for choosing the perfect coat for the winter.

2. Tips for Working from Home - I have this problem myself, I can’t seem to separate work from personal while working at home but this post gives you some great tips.

3.Notebook - I have an obsession with notebooks and this one is a great one to add to the collection.

4. How to Make Someone’s Day  - It’s always good to make someone feel special and uplift them.

5. Pretzel Pizza Bites - Awesome homemade pizza bites. YUM!

6.Reasons to Love Blogging - Come on. Who doesn’t love blogging?

7. Classic Holiday Cocktails - Great Holiday drink recipes.

8. Amazing Etsy Sites for Holiday Shopping -  Etsy sites for perfect unique gifts.

9. Gift Guide for the Dreamer - Gift guide for the dreamer in your life.