Lifestyle Blogs I Love


Throughout my blogging journey I have discovered so many blogs that I admire. Today I thought I would share a few of those blogs with you.

The Skinny Confidential was one of the first blogs I discovered. I love Lauryn’s site set up and that her post are so real. You can get a sense of  her personality through her blog post. I love her wellness section. When I was thinking about starting a blog I ask Lauryn advice on photography and other blogging tips and she was so nice and replied back right away.

The Sunday Chapter is a beautiful blog. I love reading her travel and beauty post. I also love her wellness category. Angela gives you so many amazing lifestyle tips. Her Instagram is also great!

Rebecca’s blog From Roses is a bright and fantastic! Every picture on her site is breathtaking. She writes so many great post, oh and did I mention she has adds a new blog post daily! I love her commitment to her blog and her audience.

Cocochic is a blog I would recommend to anyone. I recently came across this blog and  I am glad I did. Stephanie showcases her outfits and beauty advice on her blog and YouTube channel. She also shares great blogging tips to help other bloggers and people thinking about starting a blog.

Last but certainly not least is Paula’s Blog Thirteen Thoughts. This was another blog I first discovered when I was making my own blog. I knew nothing about blogging but after reading Paula’s post I was so inspired, she also shares amazing and useful advice about blogging, photography, and Lifestyle. Her blog is such a great influence for others.