Learning Watercolor Painting

Hey guys, Recently I have been trying to learn watercolor painting. And with learning anything new it has it's challenges. Personally I am more of a drawer but I have always admired watercolor paintings, They are just so beautiful. Here are a few things I have learned along the way. 

- With watercolor painting it is the most forgiving paint medium out there. It's really easy to fix mistakes and make any painting look good. 

- It is really easy to mix and make new colors.

- Water is the most important component when it come to water color painting.

- Having the right quality of paper and paint can make all the difference. When I first started I didn't buy the right paper and because you are using a lot of water the paper; has to be thick. Make sure when you buy your paper it's at least 140lb. I would recommend the Canson brand.  The paint I went with was Jerry Q Art. It is a really good quality of paint and it also comes with a watercolor brush pen which is really cool. 

Must of all have fun with watercolor painting and don't try to take yourself too seriously and get frustrated. It's all about being creative and learning a new craft!

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