June Goals


Summer is officially here! That means it time to go to the beach, get on a roller coaster, and have fun in the pool. Here are some of my June blog and personal goals.

Blog Goals

Work Faster - It seems like it takes me forever to do a blog post. I want to at least start making three post a day especially since I am now on summer break.

Newsletter - This has been a goal for a while now, but this month I am going to make it happen and start offering Monthly or Bi-weekly newsletters to my subscribers.

Getting back to using Social Media - As you all know I was so busy with school and work I had no time for my blog or for social media. Now that I am getting back into the groove of everything I will start picking back up on my social media accounts.

Advertisements - This also something I have been wanting to do for a good while now. Hopefully by the end of this month Posh Mode Ave. will be offering ads space for your business or blog!

Personal Goals

Yoga - I would like to learn yoga. I have been so stressed out lately that I really need to find new ways to de-stress.

Enjoy my summer - It seem like it took for ever for summer to come this year, so I want to enjoy every second of it as much as possible.

Drink more water - I don’t know why it is so hard for me to drink the recommended amount of water a day, but I am gonna try to stick to it this month.