July Mood Board | 2018

July Mood Board.png

It's July already, soon I will be back in school :(  It is hard to believe how fast time is flying. June was a pretty good month for me I started my internship which is going well. I got back into the groove of blogging after taking a break back in May to wrap up school. So just been working hard in the last month. But for July I want to push myself even more and work even harder. There will be a few changes happening on the blog, all of the social media platforms, and Youtube. I think I am at point in my life were I want to make more content that I am passionate about and content that is more personal. The past few months I have not been as motivated to make content and I think that is because I am not making the content that speaks to me as person. I started to get to a point were blogging was something I felt like I need to do rather than what I wanted to do. And I always want to be excited and passionate about everything I do in my life. So after some self reflecting I realized that I wasn't being true to myself but was doing what I thought people would like, and at the end of the day I started this blog to express myself and share my experiences. Everything about my online presence and space will be changing in the next month or so and I have to say I am beyond excited about it!