How to Grow Out Your Nails


I love having long healthy nails but I know it is not as easy as it might seem to get the nails you desire, they break, chip, snag, tear, etc. Here are some tips to help grow your nails.


Dry hands are a no no when it comes to healthy long nails. You should moisturize your hands like you moisturize your face. This is extremely important in the winter when your skin is the driest.

Don’t bite your nails

Biting your nails can be a bad habit and this bad habit is a surefire way to inhibit nail growth. 

File your nails

Filing your nail strategically can actually help your nails grow. If there is a small tear in your nail don't make the tear bigger file that part of your nails. 

Always wear a base coat 

Most people when wearing finger nail polish put a top coat but forget the base coat. The base coat helps protect your nails from getting stains from the polish. 

Good Diet
Having a well balanced diet is a great base for your nails to grow. Eating the nutrients you need and water you need in your diet not only will help your nails but it will also help your skin and hair.