How to Get the Perfect Flat Lay

As a blogger, I find myself doing a lot of flat lay photography for blog post, instagram, etc. And it took some time but I finally know how to take the perfect flat lay. Here are some tips on composing an awesome flat lay. 


The background of a flat lay is very important. You want a nice clean and simple background but something that adds character and texture to your photo. Normally I use a whiteboard and a marble slab.


Composition is how you arrange elements within a photo that is aesthically pleasing. The composition can depend on the number, color, and size of the items. How you arrange items in the photo can make all the difference. For me I'll try out different layouts until I find the one I like the best.



Lighting is  important in all images. I love using natural light. I've tried using artificial lighting before and I personally don't like using it. Normally I will go by a window and take my flat lays or you can go outside. Natural lighting is always good.



When I am taking pictures of multiple items I like to have a good balance of black and white. Most of the time I have a good amount of white contrast with my white and marble background. Sometimes you might want to throw some color into the shot if it's to white. It all about balance and how it looks when you take the shot. 



And last but certainly not least, the one thing that I find essential to a flat lay is the props. Depending on the look your going for props can add a lot of character to your flat lay. You can use so many things as props. My go to props are watches, sunglasses, planners, cute pens, nail polish, magazines, candles, notebooks, and jewelry. 

Additional Tips: 

  • Take images from above
  • Don't be afraid of white space
  • Edit your photos to make them look even better


Prop Ideas

What are some things you find essential to a flat lay?