How to be more Productive

One thing most people struggle with is productivity. I know when I first started blogging this was one of my biggest challenges. It seems that here is always something taking your attention away from things you have to do, or maybe you just don't feel up to doing everything on your checklist. Whatever the case maybe I've learned a thing or two about how to be more productive in any aspect of your life. 

1. Organize Your Space - One thing that can really help you focus is an organized, uncluttered work space. A tidy work space can give you the energy you need to get your task done. 

2. Make a Schedule/Routine - Sometimes just making a mental checklist is not enough. Making a schedule or routine that you follow everyday is the best way to stay on track. That way you know all that needs to be done and you have a set time you are gonna get it done. 

3. Turn off your phone and other distractions - A lot of times people don't finish there task because they get distracted by their phone, TV , or that YouTube video you are just itching to click. But if you turn these things off you won't be tempted. 

4. Make Goals - Striving for something can make all the difference. I know for me if I set a goal for myself I am more determined to achieve it. 

5. Prioritize - Your not gonna get everything done when you want to sometimes, that's why it's best to prioritize. The things that can't wait get those done first and the things that can, come back to them. 

6. Don't Multitask - Most people feel that they can juggle multiple things at once, but in reality it just turns out to be an overwhelming mess. Don't Multitask it will just stress you out. 

7. Take Breaks - Breaks help you not burn yourself out. Always reward yourself by taking a break, rather that be 5 minutes here and there or a full day to just chill and relax. Which ever one you choose you deserve it.