Getting The Perfect Blog Photos On Your Phone


There is a misconception about needing an expensive camera to take awesome photos for your blog and Instagram, which is far from the truth. Most of the images I take are on my phone. A phone is something you always without any doubt have with you, and that makes it more convenient. If you are just starting out as a blogger I wouldn’t rush to the store to buy an expensive camera, buy it later down the line and for now use what you have and make the best out of that first. Yes, photos taken by a professional / expensive cameras look good but I am going to share with you some tips on how to those phone pics look just as good.

Take A Lot of Shots

When you take your pictures make sure you take a lot of them. I can take about 50 pictures and literally only keep 4. So having those options that you can choose from is ideal because you don’t want to take just 5 pictures then hate all of them.

Different Angles


This tip is very important! Taking picture at one angle only is a no no. Be sure to take a pictures at multiple angles. You would be surprised at how different an image can come out at a different angle. Also when you take pictures that are just not just head on and straight it makes the image looks like it was taken with a professional camera. My go to photo angle in from below, it makes you look a lot taller and you can get amazing sky shots in the background.


One way to make any shot look amazing is to just focus. Whatever you subject is make sure that it is in focus, clear and sharp. Just give a small tap on your phone screen of the subject and snap away. Also depending on the phone and distance from you and the subject, when you do focus on the subject it can sometime blur out the background which makes your photo look even more professional.


Something as simple as lighting can make or break a photo. I find this very important when taking flat lays but this is also important in other types of photos. If the lighting is bad it can make the photo look horrible and even worse when you try fix it by increasing the exposure when you edit it. The lighting doesn’t have to be perfect but enough so that the picture is clear and bright before editing.


Lastly the number 1 most important tip is to EDIT! Yes edit! Editing your photos will make them look so much better. Editing is something that will take time to learn and you won’t really know your editing style until you just try. With editing photos it is a lot of trial and error. But the basics to getting any photo to look better is adjust the exposure, contrast, sharpen, temperature, and saturation. When I first started editing my photos those were the first things I would adjust and they made a big difference. My go to editing apps are VSCO, Snapseed, and Facetune and I recently started using Lightroom.