February Goals | 2017

Cant believe it's February already, but I'm not complaining because it one month closer to spring. I have been going really well with the goals that I set for myself this year. January I really tried to stay on track and I am really proud of myself, now February is where the real challenge begins because now I am back in school and normally when I am in school I get super busy. Trying to juggle blogging, school, studying, work, homework, and other projects is hard to do and I always fall short on one or more of those responsibilities. So the biggest goal this month is to try to stay on top of everything. 

Blog Goals

Continue Posting Content Consistently - Last month I did really good with posting content I would like to keep that up this month. 

Stay on Top of my Social Media Postings - When I get really busy and overwhelmed, social media is the first thing I start to neglecting. 

Come up with New Content Ideas  - I want to come up with new series and new topics to change it up a bit. 


Personal Goals

Get School Assignments Done Early - Not waiting until the last minute to get homework and projects done is something I am going to be better at this year. This will free up a lot of time as well. 

Take More Pictures - I still have not got around to getting out and taking pictures, it has  just been too cold out to do anything. I will try this month but most likely this goal will be push back to March, once the weather gets nicer. 

Keep my Stress Levels Down - I have been going good with this goal as well. The main thing is not getting overwhelmed and falling behind on things. That's when I feel the most stressed. 

Do Better with Budgeting  - I still need to come up with a budget plan. Probably will do that this weekend.  

Continue my Health Hair Routine - The winter can be brutal to your hair especially to natural hair, I have been doing good keeping my hair moisturized and healthy. I am going to keep that up this month.