Favorite Ways to Treat Myself

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One thing that I think everyone should do once in awhile is treat themselves. I do it all the time probably more than I should but none the less it's a way to reward myself after doing something challenging like getting through finals or just do it put a smile on my face. Either way it's very effective. Here are my favorite ways to treat myself.

Favorite Food - Food is hands down the number one way I can treat myself. I am a foodie so anytime I can eat from one of my favorite spots is a treat for me. It can be something a simple as a doughnut or a cupcake. It doesn't matter as long as it put a smile on my face and make my tummy happy!

Flowers - There is something about flowers that makes a room light up. I love having fresh flowers around they are amazing. My favorites are tulips. Most of the time I will just go to my local grocery store and they always have something amazing to choose from. 

Mani/ Pedi - It is not often I have time to go and get a professional  manicure and pedicure, I usually just do it myself, so when I do get it done it's a big deal for me. Something about it is just so relaxing especially if you go in the early morning and get a cup of coffee before you go. I mean can you say perfect!  

Netflix/Hulu - I know this doesn't seem like much of a way to treat yourself but when I am in school I barely have time to do anything and I get so backed up on shows it's ridiculous. Taking some time to just relax and catch up on shows is a treat. 

Sleep in - This goes in line with the Netflix dilemma. When I am in school I am so sleep deprived I might get 5 hours of sleep a night when I am in school and even less when it's midterms or finals. So when I have the pleasure of sleeping in I take full advantage.  

Be with nature  - I really find nature relaxing and calming, guess that why am studying landscape architecture. My top favorite nature spots to go is Great Falls Park, U.S. Botanic Gardens, and U.S. Arboretum. 

Movies - I don't go out to the movies a lot, literally that only time I make it my mission to go to the movies is when a Marvel movie comes out. So I consider a trip to the theatre a treat. 

Shopping - This recently became more of a treat since I cut back on clothes shopping. I used to be so obsessed with online shopping, like really bad. But then I notice that 50% of the things I was buying was just sitting in my closet with tags still on them. Since I buy less now, it's a treat when I do go shopping. 

Museums - Living in the DC area has it's perks when it comes to the abundance of museums we have here. I have lived here my whole life and still haven't been to all of the museums. Fun fact: I love art! So my favorite museum hands down is the National Gallery of Art. Going to museums is another thing that relaxes me. Sometimes when I go during hours when they aren't  crowded I will take my sketchbook and sketch some of the paintings or what ever I see.