My Everyday Handbag Essentials

I carry a lot of things around in my purse, sunglasses, hand lotion, makeup, receipts , you name it, it’s probably in there. Sometimes I have more than I need in my bag, but there are those items that are my everyday essentials. Here are some items that always stay in my bag. 

  • Mascara - you never know when you will need a little mascara. 
  • Sunglasses - I always keep some sunglasses on hand, no matter what season.
  • Ear Buds  - You never know when you will want to listen to a little music.
  • Pen - there is always something to write throughout the day
  • Notebook - I am always  need to jot down ideas
  • Hair Ties and Bobby Pins - In case of a hair emergency. 
  • Nail File - For nail emergencies. 
  • Lip balm - This is a must have!
  • Concealer - Sometimes you need to cover up a blemish. 
  • Hand Lotion - This is also a must have especially in the winter. 

What are your hand bag essentials ?