Embracing Early Mornings


Are you a morning person? I know I’m not! I dread getting up early especially for class. But that's something we all have to do rather it's for work, school, or whatever. But here is how you can learn to embrace those early mornings.

Listen to music

Music can change your mood instantly. I can make myself feel more excited for the day ahead. Normally if it's a really rough morning I will put on some music that will help me get moving. Sometimes I even dance around my room and get my blood pumping. That normally wakes me up and puts me in the right mood.


Favorite breakfast meal

Something that always motivates me is food. If I know I am going to have an awesome breakfast, I will have no problem getting out of bed. My favorites are avocado toast, pancakes, and anything with bacon. If I have a good breakfast then I will have an awesome day.


Now this might not be for everyone but I sometimes like to work out in the mornings. Working out energizes me. But I know for some people working out can make them even more tired so it depends on how your body reacts to working out. After workout I no longer feel sleepy. And for my workouts I try not to do anything too hard just maybe a walk on the treadmill or elliptical.

Get things done early

I am the most productive in the mornings. So if I know that I can get a lot of things done, that will motivate me to wake up a little earlier especially on the weekends. So sometimes on Saturdays I wake up an hour or two earlier to get some blog post done. For me being productive is a great motivation to embracing early mornings.