February Mood Board | 2019

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February is here! Which I can’t believe, January went really fast and this is a short month, so March will be here before you know it. I am officially back in school and just finished my first week, which went well. I am realizing that this spring semester is gonna go by really fast and I will be graduating in May before I know it. This month I am just getting my schedule and time management on track, that way I will be able to juggle school, blogging, and YouTube.

Goals for February

Redecorate my bedroom

Get on a consistent schedule for YouTube

Get all my readings done ahead of time

Continue to be consistent with my Blog Schedule

Clean out my closet for my spring wardrobe

24 Lessons I've Learned at 24


Today I turn 24, even though I look like I am still 16 years old! Wanted to share some lessons I have learned over the years.

  1. Never Doubt Yourself

  2. What you can do is limitless

  3. Always be open to learning new things

  4. Don’t be in a rush to grow up

  5. Life is precious

  6. Everything happens for a reason

  7. Have Faith

  8. Things will workout for the better

  9. Everything is not for everybody

  10. Celebrate the small victories

  11. Time moves fast

  12. Dream Big

  13. Never let someone tell you what you can’t do

  14. Family will always be there when you fall

  15. Life is a one big journey

  16. Don’t care what others think, DO YOU!

  17. Have confidence in yourself

  18. Don’t compare yourself to others

  19. Beauty comes from within

  20. Self love is EVERYTHING!

  21. Take Chances

  22. Do things in your own time, not when society tells you

  23. You are stronger than you think

  24. Always live and lead with love in your heart

I still have so much to learn but am thankful for things I have already experienced and the lessons they have taught me! 

Birthday Wishlist 2019

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Why I switched to Bullet Journaling in 2019

Bullet Journals are everywhere. There are YouTube channels dedicated to it. And though over the years them seemed interesting I never thought about starting one myself. I liked just using a regular planner and didn’t see the use of a bullet journal. Especially when you could just go to the store and buy one that is already made for you, until now. This year I officially started using a bullet journal and here are some reasons why I switched.

Traditional Planner

I have always used traditional planners my whole life. And I still think they are awesome. But I notice that a traditional planner wasn’t offering me what I needed. As a person that blogs, goes to school, and makes videos; I was found that I started using other notebooks to separate all the aspects of my life, which was overwhelming trying to juggle all of these notebooks and millions of posts it’s. I needed one place that I could organize everything; a one stop shop. Also with a traditional planner I found myself writing down all of these things I needed to do but not actually getting these things done. So not only did the planner not have what I needed but it was also making me a little counter productive.


One of the amazing things about a bullet journal is that it is 100% customizable. Other planners weren’t enough for me, so why not make my own and put in it the things I need as a blogger and student. Now I am able to keep track of everything without having to have 3 to 5 additional notebooks and whenever I feel the need to add a layout I can just do it myself.


I love expressing my creativity in any way possible. The one thing that sold me on starting my own bullet journal was knowing the fact that I would be able to make new themes every month and change up the look often. Sometimes having a planner that looks the same all year round can get a little boring.

Track of Habits and Goals

With a planner I found myself just jotting down things, like a to do list but not really keeping up with daily habits and goals. This year I really wanted to focus on creating good habits and sticking to the goals I set and I knew a regular planner wasn’t gonna enable me to do that. So being able to have something like habit tracker in my planner was perfect for that.

Give It a Try

All in all, over the years I have hear so many amazing things about bullet journaling and just wanted to give it a try. It’s always good to shake things up and try something new. Hell, if I don’t like it I can always make a trip to Target and get me a regular planner!

Would you try bullet journaling?