February Mood Board | 2019

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February is here! Which I can’t believe, January went really fast and this is a short month, so March will be here before you know it. I am officially back in school and just finished my first week, which went well. I am realizing that this spring semester is gonna go by really fast and I will be graduating in May before I know it. This month I am just getting my schedule and time management on track, that way I will be able to juggle school, blogging, and YouTube.

Goals for February

Redecorate my bedroom

Get on a consistent schedule for YouTube

Get all my readings done ahead of time

Continue to be consistent with my Blog Schedule

Clean out my closet for my spring wardrobe

Tips for Starting a Blog in 2019


It seems so long ago since I started my blog. And I was just thinking what if I was just starting a blog in 2019, what tips would I give myself? I know there are some people out there who would like to start a blog and I think it is still a good idea to start one. Yes it might seem that everyone has one but everyone also has something to offer. Here are some of my tips for starting a blog in 2019.

Build Up Social Media

Social Media and blogging go hand in hand. One thing I wish I would have done before starting my blog was build up a social media presence. This can be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, whatever platform. Building that community and audience will help you in the long run when it comes to driving traffic to your site. People need to get to know who you are and then they will feel more inclined to checking your blog out. My suggestion would be to really be active on social media a month or more before launching your blog.

Be Authentic

When you look on social media and the internet you see a lot of people try to be something they’re not. When you are not being your genuine self you have to always put on mask for your audience and that will get old fast. As a new blogger you will find yourself comparing yourself to other bloggers and feel like you have to show this perfect life with these perfect pictures, but you don’t. Be Authentically You!!! That’s what are audience will gravitate to. No one’s life is perfect. Be vulnerable, show who you are, be yourself, and your audience will support you 100%.


With there being so many blogs, you have to make sure you are putting out quality content. If you are putting out one amazing post a week, that will serve you better than putting out 5 ok but dull post a week. Make content that is valuable to your readers, content that will make them want read your post. If you continually put out this type of content you will build trust with your audience, and they will know that when you do put out posts it’s worth reading.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether it’s blog pictures, writing post, or website design; the more you do it the better you will get. Think about any time you ever did something for the first time, it was probably horrible, like me learning how to drive; then the more I did it the better I got at it. You will grow through out your blogging journey. Your pictures don’t have to be perfect, you will learn as you go. You don’t need to spend money on fancy equipment either. Start with what you have first and add things as you grow. When you look back at your old post you will be amazed at your growth. Just to show you an example these are my blog pictures 3 years ago compares t now.

Tips 2019 blogging.png

Just Start

At the end of the day if this is something that you are thinking about doing or have a passion for, just start. It look me 3 months to debate if I even wanted to start a blog and I am so happy I did. There will be moments when you doubt yourself and want to give up but don’t, push through it. Never doubt your capabilities. What you can do is limitless!!

2019 Goals


Happy New Year everyone!!! 2019 is here!! Like every year I wanted to come and share with you guys my 2019 goals. This year I really thought about what I wanted my goals to be and also based most of my goals off of my theme for the year which is consistency and freedom. I want to be consistent in all aspects of my life and have freedom to discover new things.

Goals for 2019

Consistently Post on my Blog - Really push myself when it comes to blogging and take my blog to new heights and that means not neglecting it when I get busy with school.

Consistently Post on my YouTube Channel - YouTube and my blog go hand and hand. So I want to try to commit to uploading a video once a week.

Healthier Lifestyle - I have already made a lot of lifestyle changes but I still have some things I want to get on track with. That includes more vegetables and getting my sleep pattern back on track. My sleep schedule has been off for months.

Get a Job that I love - Rather that’s blogging, being a YouTuber, or being a landscape architect, I just want to find a job I love.

Save, Save , Save - I have big plans this year, for one getting my own place, so that means I need to save as much as possible.

Looking Forward To

Graduating - After this spring semester I will be graduating college with my bachelors in landscape architecture!!

Moving into my own place - I have never lived myself and am look forward to it.

Traveling - I am planning on doing a lot of traveling this summer.

Starting a new chapter - Closing the college chapter of my life and moving onto new things!

15 Blogger Resolution Ideas for 2019


Here are some resolution ideas for all the bloggers out there!!

  1. Make a post routine - Come up with an actual routine for your posts this year.

  2. Make a content calendar - Make your content calendar in advance so you know what you need to do.

  3. Have a planning day or two once a month - Have a day or two dedicated to planning each month.

  4. Create batch content - Create a bunch of content at once to help with your time management.

  5. Be consistent - Consistently post on your blog and Instagram.

  6. Promote every post - Promote all post across all social media platforms after publishing.

  7. Have a planned shooting day - Make a day you dedicate to shooting for Instagram and your blog.

  8. Look for new locations for pictures - Get unique with your locations for pictures this year.

  9. Create batch Instagram content - Take Instagram pictures a head of time and save them up.

  10. Take advantage of scheduling things out - Schedule blog out post, Instagram post, everything!

  11. Don’t compare - Don’t compare yourself or your blog to others. You are unique!

  12. Show more of your personality - Show more of yourself, your likes and dislikes!!

  13. Learn how to take better pictures - You can always be better !

  14. Quality and Quantity Content - Try to conquer quality and quantity content. Its hard but push yourself.

  15. Post about things that are important to you - Post about things that are interesting to you!

November Mood Board | 2018

Nov mood board (1).png

Hey guys, Sorry I have been MIA I’ve been dealing with a bunch of school stuff. I had a project that took up more time than expected but I am back. November is here which is crazy but I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and all that amazing food! I am going to do a quick life update.


Like I said I recently finished up a project and I am about to start another one which means I am going to be busy again but I will schedule out some things so I don’t go missing again. I’ve already registered for my spring semester classes! The last classes before I graduate. I only have to take 2 classes unlike this semester with 5 classes so I will have more time to make content and really buckle down and focus on my blog and YouTube which I am super excited about.

Blog / YouTube

With the blog I have been slacking which always happens when I get back in school. I really try to balance everything but sometimes it’s out of my control. School is always my #1 priority even when I would rather be working on my blog. That’s why I am so excited for next semester, I will have a lot more time. I have some awesome new ideas for the blog and YouTube that I have been thinking about for the upcoming new year.


I feel like this time last year I was stressed the hell out and it was taking a toll on my body really badly. But this year I am not letting things stress me out as much. During this school year I have learned to accepted that I can’t do everything and somethings have to be put off and I will get them done when I can. My well being is much more important than trying to juggle everything.

Goals for November

  • Finish out the school year strong

  • Film More

  • Start Christmas shopping early

  • Try new recipes

  • Workout (this is my goal every month!)

Taking Photos With Natural Light


In my three years of blogging I have never used artificial lighting to take my pictures. I know it sounds crazy right. I have been tempted to buy a ring light but just never got around to it. I personally prefer shooting my pictures in natural light. Now there are some challenges when it comes to taking pictures and natural light. Timing, not enough light, weather, etc. But I am going to tell you my tricks to making natural light work for you.

Get close to the light source

For me I shoot right in front of my window. Try to get as close to your light source as possible, it can be a window, balcony door, or even go directly outside. The Closer You Are the brighter the image will turn out. If you are using a window Open your curtains and blinds. Sometimes if the sunlight is too harsh I will keep the blinds close to act as a diffuser. Just try both and see which one looks better.


 Turn off other lights

Make sure when you are taking your pictures you turn off other lighting. Other lighting can interfere with your natural light source. I find that if I have other lights on my pictures come out with more yellow tones which is not what you want. Make sure all windows are open and other lights are off and take your pics.

 Bright sunny days

The downside to taking pictures in natural light is that it's not always sunny and if it's not sunny you can't take pictures, I mean you can but they won't be good. Most of the time I will plan in advance and look at the forecast for the week. Sometimes I will have not the best luck and have rain for a whole week so I will just have to wait until it clears up. The only exception to taking photos with natural light and it's not sunny outside is if it's a snow day. Have you ever noticed when there is snow on the ground it gets really bright outside? Yeah that is a prime time to take a bunch of pictures. Those pictures always turn out fantastic. But other than that exception take your pictures when it's bright and sunny.


When I am taking my pictures and I need some more light I will use a white foam board as a reflector. I normally do this for my flatlays. All I do is place the board opposite of the light source that way it will reflect back on my subject. It really makes a big difference.

 No flash

Don't use your flash when you are shooting with natural light unless that's the look you're going for. The flash can bring a harshness and glare to your photos. Make sure that your flash is off. It will make your photos come out a whole lot better.

 Edit your photos

This step is the most important when it comes to shooting in natural light, editing your photos is a must. Most of the time you will need to edit your photos to make them brighter, sharper, Etc. My favorite apps to use when editing are Snapseed, VSCO Cam, and Facetune.  And for both phone and computer I use Lightroom which is my number one photo editor. I'll  use Snapseed  for the selective tool when I want to brighten up certain areas in a photo. In VSCO Cam I like the black and white filters and adjusting grain. And for Facetune I use the whitening tool for backgrounds and sometimes tones and smooth. And for Lightroom I do everything else but mainly color mix to get rid of yellow tones.

Making Time for Blogging


It’s sometimes impossible to blog and go to school full time. When I am not physically at school I am working on school work at home. Sometimes I feel tired and can’t figure out how I am going to make the time to blog. I know I am not the only one who has an insane schedule but also want to work on their passion projects. This is how I make time for blogging.

 Use Your Free Time

 So when I don’t have school work and have some free time . Instead of just catching up on tv shows, which is what I really want to do, I will work on my blog. Any free time I get that is what I am doing. I use the time I have in between my classes, weekends, late nights, all to get my blog work done.

 Get Things Done Early

 With school it is easy to do things at the last minute. Some due dates seem so far away but if you have other responsibilities it is best to get all that done early. I try to do anything I can do in advance done as early as possible. This will be things like readings, studying, and papers. I do them in advance to offer up some more free time that I can be using to work on my blog.

 Make it a Priority

 It is often easy to think of blogging as something you can do whenever you feel like it which you can but if you want it to grow you must make it a priority. I love blogging and making content . I realized that I needed to take it a bit more seriously than I was and really start paying more attention to it. When I started doing that I noticed I was able to get more post done and really create the content I wanted to make.

 Schedule Everything

 There are so many different aspects to blogging. Writing, Photos, Editing. It’s harder than you think. So I would recommend scheduling out everything, that’s how I stay on top of it all. My blogging schedule works around my school schedule. Those free windows of time are always schedule with something.