Building Confidence


When I was little I used to be a very shy and quiet, and in some situations, I still find myself being that that girl, but I've grown and became more confident as the years have flown by and it took a lot for me to build that confidence and put myself out there the way that I wanted to. Without me building that confidence in myself this blog might not even exist. I never thought I would have the confidence in to do something like this.  I used to never take risk and would have never even though of putting myself out there the way I have. So today I'm going to share some things that helped me build my confidence and things I learned along the way.

 Not Caring What Others Think

When it comes to building confidence, you can't care about what other people think. Sometimes we let others determine what makes us happy or what makes us feel good and you can't spend your life worrying about if what you're doing or how you look it's acceptable to others. For me once I determent that other people don't control my life and I that I can’t care what you think of my decisions as long as I am happy it's when I started to build confidence in myself and accept myself for who I am rather than for what people think I should be or for what people think I should look like. And once you start thinking like that you feel freer and unless burdened.



For me I find that failure is a big confidence-booster. Someone telling me that I can't do something or failing at something makes me more motivated, more confident in try to pursue it and make it happen. But not everyone views failure as that which is part of the problem. Failure is just a way of teaching us a lesson and we should learn from that lesson and when we go back and try to overcome that failure we should be more confident in ourselves because now we know what not to do and how to do it better.


Acceptance is a big part of what help me build my confidence accepting that some things are out of my control, accepting my flaws and accepting that things aren’t always going to go the way I want them to go. Also accepting who I am as a person really was an eye-opener. When I think back, one trait that has always followed me from a young girl to an adult is my body type. I have been skinny my whole life and no matter how much I ate I just couldn’t gain weight. And I remember never being able to find jeans that were long enough for my legs but at the same time fit me well. Or not really having boobs when everybody around me were starting to get training bras. And I don’t think it was until later in my life I stop worrying about that and I truly accepted that yes, I am skinny, yes, I have long limbs, no jeans are not going to fit me the way I want them to. After I accepted all of that I could stop being self-conscious and be more confident.  I learned that jeans might not always look the best on my but when I do find a pair that are the perfect fit to buy multiple in different colors and that my leg look amazing in dresses and skirts and that I never have to worry about not wearing a bra if need be.


Fear controls so much of our lives fear of not being accepted, fear of being different, fear of living the life you want to live. When I got out of that mindset of being fearful of taking risk and putting myself out there that is when my world opened up around me. At first, I was just holding myself back and holding back the confidence that I had in myself. And it wasn't until going through some life experiences that I knew that I no longer was afraid and that I was more able to be myself and to my surprise people liked me expressing that side of myself, the side they had never seen before.