Blog Maintenance Routine

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There is a lot that goes into blogging besides making content and posting it. There are a lot of moving parts that make a blog function to it's full  potential one of those things are blog maintenance. All of the things you see on a blog have to be maintained and updated consistently. There are a few things that have become a staple in my blog maintenance routine. 

Update Old Photos - When you look back at your older post and look at the photos do you cringe a little bit. One misconception about blogging is that you can't go back and edit past post, which is totally not true. If you see a photos you no longer like than updates them. 

Check for Broken Links - On a lot of my older post there are broken links to things I might have referred to in the post. Maybe the link no longer exist. This happens a lot with fashion post when the item sells out, so you can do your best and go back and find something similar to that item and re-link it. 

Delete Post Your Not Happy With - Through the evolution of my blog I have delete or updated a lot of post that I am no longer happy with. I think that is the beauty in blogging, you are always growing and getting better at it and it is reflected in your content. So it's ok to no longer like a post. 

Respond to Comments - Sometimes during the weekday it might be hard to respond to comments if you have a busy schedule. So I just make it a part of my routine to reply to any comments on the weekend. That way I don't have to rush through them. 

Update Sidebar - Your sidebar on your blog is just as important as you homepage. Keeping that updated is very important. I make sure no links are broken and all picture are updated. 

New Profile Pic - Some people forget to update the profile pic on there blog if you have one at all. You should update it because you are forever changing  and growing and you should show that in your profile pic. I try to change mines 4 times a year with the seasons. 

Reply to Emails - This as the same as replying to comments. Normally I reply to all emails during the weekend unless it's super urgent.