Benefits of Witch Hazel


One of my new obsessions is witch hazel. I have recently been having these crazy random breakouts, mainly on my forehead. So I started looking up natural ways to get rid of acne. I already have a face cleanser that I use but never incorporated a toner into my skin care routine until now. The toner that I chose is witch hazel and it has made all the difference. After seeing the amazing affects it has had on my skin I thought I would see the other benefits witch hazel can provide. 

Benefits of Witch Hazel: 

Fights acne -witch hazel can help reduce inflammation, decrease oil and redness. It also helps to balance the skin's pH level. It can reduce the look of pores.

Nourish Dry Skin - It has great moisturizing properties that prevent skin form drying out.

Reduce Puffy Eyes - witch hazel tightens skin which can help with under eye puffiness.

Helps with sunburn -  It can relive sunburn.

Refresh your face- witch hazel  can instantly refresh your face, it can also remove dirt and excess oil.

Heal cuts and fades bruises - witch hazel can heal cuts faster and prevent bruising.

Treat insect bites - It can help with itching and irritation caused by insect bites.

Cleanse hair and protect the scalp - witch hazel can remove oil build up from the scalp.

Do you use witch hazel ?