August Goals

Summer is closely coming to an end and before I know it I will be back in school and completely stress the hell out! Here are some of my August blog and personal goals. 

Blog Goals

Schedule More Post - I am about to be the most busiest person in the world with school, work, blogging, and everything in between. So scheduling a lot more post will definitely help me out.  

Get back into Social Media - It seems like after taking my little blog break in May I can't really get back into Social Media. But I am gonna really try this month. 

Better Blog Photos - With my new site I want to start taking better pics to go with my post. 

Start doing Outfit Post - I really want to start doing outfit post on what I am wearing. Those post will be coming up soon. 

Personal Goals

Get Ready for Fall Semester - I start school at the end of the month and I still have to get a few things like book, supplies, and other things. 

Try Not to Stress Out about getting Back to School - When I am in school it is the most stressful time ever. I never have time for myself. This year I am gonna try to work on that and not let it affect me as much. 

Enjoy the Last Few Days of Summer - Summer time is my most favorite time of the year. You have no care in the world, you get to wear effortlessly cute clothes, and don't have to deal with the cold weather. So for the next few day I will try to make every moment last.